LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The search continues for a Nye County man who is on the run with his teenage son. 

Ryan Sanders, 37, is accused of attempted murder and kidnapping of an elderly woman at her home in Pahrump earlier this month. 

His accomplice, Richard Duncan, was arrested however, Sanders is still nowhere to be found. 

The NCSO told 8 News Now there is no telling what Sanders will or will not do, and that is why they believe the public is in danger until he is caught.

The NCSO also said that Sanders is no stranger to them and due to his several run-ins with the law, the family of Sander’s 13-year-old son also believes he could be in danger. 

Nye County police provided 8 News Now with a list of nearly a dozen encounters with Sanders in the last three stemming back to 2019. The list provided by NCSO includes:

  • August 2022: Weapons offense
  • July 2022: Threats
  • June 2022: Child abuse
  • June 2022: Burglary
  • December 2021: Theft
  • December 2021:Burglary
  • November 2021: Burglary
  • October 2021: Theft
  • September 2021: Larceny
  • March 2021: Child abuse
  • March 2019: Burglary

“I’ve tried to tell social services what kind of psychopath he is, and no one will listen to me,” Deborah Hubbard said. 

Hubbard is the maternal grandmother of Sanders’s son.  She is in North Carolina and said that she is worried about her grandson, not knowing what else his father could be capable of doing. 

Currently, Sanders is facing several charges in his role of kidnapping and attempting murder of an elderly woman. 

According to police, on November 21, the victim was asleep in her home when she woke up to it being burglarized.

The Nye County Sheriff’s office reports Sanders brutally beat her, then forced her to get into her car where he drove to a nearby hospital to pick up Duncan.

The two men then allegedly drove to a dirt lot where they assaulted her again and left her unconscious, according to NCSO.

Duncan was arrested after the woman regain consciousness and went to a nearby residence for help. 

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office told 8 News Now they believe Sanders is still in the Pahrump area and they are continuing to follow any leads. 

There is a $5,000 reward for anyone who can bring information forward that can lead to Sander’s arrest.