LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Steve Wolfson, the Clark County District Attorney, confirmed that the information gathered about Yoni Barrios, who is accused of an attack on eight victims along the Las Vegas Strip, indicates that Barrios is not a U.S. citizen.

The 8 News Now Investigators had reported the information earlier Friday. The suspected-Guatemalan national lived in California for several years, records showed.

That’s also where he incurred one speeding ticket in 2016, according to California records, but not much else on his criminal record.

His occupation is additionally unclear, though an arrest report stated that the 32-year-old told witnesses Thursday that he was a chef.

Yoni Barrios in court on Oct. 7 2022 (KLAS)

The arrest report stated that a friend of Barrios told him he could live at their Las Vegas Valley house, which provoked the Guatemalan native to catch a shuttle there. Soon after arrival, the friend reportedly rescinded the offer, leaving Barrios unhoused and wandering to the strip.

Minutes after arriving on the Strip, the arrest report indicated that he asked a Wynn casino custodial worker how to get a job there. After not much luck, Barrios reportedly asked this custodian to call U.S. Immigration to get him back to Guatemala after he was unable to find a ride back to LA.

The stabbings took place soon after, where the report stated that Barrios hoped “officers would shoot him” while in pursuit.  

Wolfson told 8 News Now that it is not uncommon to consider the death penalty for cases involving multiple murders such as the incident on Thursday.

Wolfson also added that Barrios’ citizenship will likely not play a significant part in the proceedings, however, his mental competency just might.

“It really doesn’t affect it at all. Whether he is a citizen or now, we are going to proceed based upon the evidence in this case,” Wolfson said to a crowd of reporters Friday. “It’s not unusual for a person who is charged with crimes like this, under this scenario, for
his lawyers to want to look into his mental health status. That would not be a surprise at all.”

The attack took place along the 3100 block of Las Vegas Boulevard just after 11 a.m.

In total eight people were injured, two of which were killed during the attack.

Barrios, 32, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on two counts of open murder with a deadly weapon and six counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, police said.

Barrios appeared in court on Friday afternoon and had been ordered to remain in custody without bail until his next court date which is scheduled for Oct. 11.