LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Americans are tipping less now than before the pandemic, according to a recent study.

According to tipping survey, the number of people who said they always tip their server at a restaurant has gone down by 4% since 2019. Those who said they always tip their rideshare or taxi drivers is down by 6%.

Since Las Vegas casinos reopened two years ago, following a COVID-19 pandemic closure, people have been visiting Las Vegas in increasing numbers and casinos have had more than a billion in gaming wins statewide for 12 consecutive months.

“Tourists are great,” said Marcie Miller, an Uber driver.

Miller said her tips are better with tourists.

“Locals, they just don’t tip.”

For that reason, she focuses on areas with tourists.

“You got to tip man, you got to tip,” said tourist Noe Corona who said it’s the right thing to do.

Another tourist sees it a bit differently.

“I’m not a big tipper to be honest,” said Kevin Smith.

He believes a good tip, starts with good service.

“I have had some bad service. The waiter/waitress didn’t smile, didn’t say hi, didn’t check on me, I didn’t think that deserved a good tip,” he said.

The survey points out that inflation is likely cutting into the purchasing power of Americans. In the meantime, some businesses are also struggling with staffing issues and are unable to provide the level of service they once did.