Surveillance video shows moments before man was shot and killed on Sandhill near Desert Inn Road

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man was killed Super Bowl Sunday in a shooting, and Metro Police are still searching for the killer. It happened in a neighborhood on Sandhill near Desert Inn.

Police say the shooting is connected to a stabbing that happened moments earlier at a nearby barbershop.

“When I started to grab and open this door, that’s when I heard all of the pops. Pop, pop, pop, pop,” said Rusty Shaffer.” “I started to go out after I heard the first shots, but then, I’m glad I didn’t because that’s when a bunch more shots came.”

It turns out, the gunfire echoing throughout the Greenbriar neighborhood was actually killing a man yards away from Shaffer’s front door.

“I looked out the door and saw the flash of the gun,” said Nancy Kolstead, a neighbor.

A neighbor’s surveillance video shows the moments that likely occurred right before the shooting. In the video a car is seen driving by the intersection of Sandhill and Greenbriar Townhouse Way. The driver then makes a U-turn and stops momentarily. It appears a person gets out of the car and walks towards a grassy area.

“I saw, I would say three to four men,” said Nancy Kolstead, neighbor. “There was a little bit of yelling and then the shots.”

Metro Police say the shooting is related to a stabbing that happened moments earlier about a half-mile down the road in the parking lot of Sin City Barbershop during a Super Bowl party.

“It is believed that the male who was found shot on Sandhill, north of the location, was involved in a fight here,” said Lt. Ray Spencer, Metro Police.

Police suspect, he stabbed someone before leaving the complex. Detectives add he was followed by someone who shot and killed him.

“Very scary, but I know it can happen anywhere,” Kolstead said.

The person stabbed was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok.

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