LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A special service dog was celebrated downtown Wednesday afternoon.

“Wonka” and his owner thought they were visiting kids at the Discovery Children’s Museum. But it was actually a surprise party for Wonka, who had the attraction listed on his bucket list.

Wonka was diagnosed with terminal cancer in December, so he and his owner are checking off a bunch of goals. So far, they’ve visited fire stations, met the golden knights and he even got married!

His owner says he’s made such a difference in her life and many others.

“He is happy every day,” said Wonka’s owner Kelly McMahon. “He helps people. He helps a lot of the dogs at our rescue organization. He helps them when they’re sad, when they’re scared and come from pretty tough backgrounds. He helps bring them out of their shell. He helps bring them happiness and courage and know everything’s going to be okay.”

If you want to follow along with Wonka’s journey, Kelly is posting photos of each bucket list item they check off on Instagram.