LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —  Southern Hills Hospital opened its doors to give a look into how its surgical robots are taking over the medical field.

On Sunday, CCSD students were allowed to get hands-on experience with the robots in hopes it would ease their fear of hospitals. The partnership with the Las Vegas “Science is Everywhere” festival aims to show how robots save lives. Officials say most people don’t know that robots do work in operating rooms, even if they’re not working alone.

“The robots aren’t technically doing the surgeries,” said Cyndi Lundeberg, director of marketing and communications for Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. “We still have surgeons that are in the operating room. They are the ones using the robots, they can do some things that surgeons can’t.”

Lundeberg says surgeons decide whether or not a robot will be used during surgery.

“Most surgeons are onboard,” Lundeberg said. “They want to be offering the best to their patients.”

The robots cost more than $1 million and are used for the simplest surgeries to more advanced procedures. Children attending the event were also able to simulate surgery on teddy bears.