LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — People from the community continue to show support for Tina Tintor, the woman who died in Tuesday morning’s crash involving former Raider Henry Ruggs III.

A memorial is growing where the crash happened.

Tintor’s home was a few blocks north of where the crash occurred.

People are bringing flowers and candles, and sending their condolences to her family.

“He is a football player. He thinks he can go as fast as he wants and do what he wants,” said Margaret Orozzo, who lives in the neighborhood.

Tintor, 23, was a few streets away from her family’s home when she died along with her dog. According to police, Ruggs slammed into her SUV. They also say Ruggs was going 156 mph moments before the crash.

“I did not think it would be a neighbor,” Margaret Orozzo said. “It’s close … real close to home.”

Maria and Margaret Orozzo live near the Tintor family.

“When we found out it was a female with her dog, now finding out she lives right here … it is sad,” said Margaret Orozzo.

The Clark County District Attorney did not believe Tintor was married or has children. While we don’t know for sure where she was going, she was headed north in the direction of the family’s house.

“Hold your loved ones tight. That is just it, hold them tight,” Maria Orozzo said.

As flowers and candles continue to be placed at the site, the support for her family continues to grow online.

A family member at the home told us they do not want to speak at this time and she said they will set up a fundraiser.

“It is a loss for them, it is a loss,” Maria Orozzo said.