LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Supply chain problems continue to hamper the economy across the U.S., but a new survey shows small businesses in Nevada are reporting fewer problems than businesses in most states.

A U.S. Census Bureau Small Business Pulse Survey indicates 40.8% of the state’s small businesses are still experiencing delays from American suppliers. Only five states had lower numbers — Hawaii (40.6%), California (39.6%), Delaware (39.3%), Alaska (39.2%) and New York (38.0%). The national average is 44.4%. Businesses in Wisconsin reported the biggest problems (53.3%).

The survey focused on businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

The numbers for Nevada show the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the supply chain continue as a factor in day-to-day business operations for smaller companies:

  • Businesses experiencing domestic supplier delays: 40.8%
  • Businesses experiencing delays in delivery/shipping to customers: 22.8%
  • Businesses having difficulties locating alternative domestic suppliers: 21.9%
  • Businesses experiencing foreign supplier delays: 15.9%
  • Businesses having difficulties locating alternative foreign suppliers: 8.2%
  • Businesses experiencing production delays: 12.8%

The numbers were below the average for all states, but were closest to the national average for difficulties in locating alternative domestic suppliers. The national average was 22.0%.

Nevada’s primary industry, leisure and hospitality (described by the census as “accommodation and food services”), was listed as the sector ranked as the No.4 industry most affected by domestic supplier delays.

The survey listed Wisconsin as the state where small businesses were struggling most with supply chain problems, followed by Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island and Ohio.

A complete list of states and how they ranked, along with more analysis of how the Top 15 states in the survey were affected, is available at