LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -During the pandemic, many people waited for months, and sometimes half a year for certain items.

Many may be wondering what is in store now, given the situation in Russia, Ukraine, and China? One consumer expert says we are in for even more shipping gridlock.

Yoni Mazor is the chief green officer of Getida, a technology company that consults with third-party Amazon sellers, 80% of whom experienced global supply chain issues in the past year and dreading the impacts of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

“A lot of cables are sourced raw material from Ukraine, and palladium and nickel, are critical for production for microchips,” Mazor said.

With the current lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID in key cities of China, important production centers for electronic components could severely squeeze the supply of laptops, mobile phones, tv, and cars.

A quarantine mandate extended in Shanghai may also cause supply chain disruptions far greater than last year’s partial closures of ports.

“That is going to affect all these manufacturing facilities in that region and that is going to throw another wrench into inflation because once again, vendors who are getting their supplies from those factories, will not get it on time, or at all,” Mazor said.

There is some good news as third-party sellers who got their products late last year are sitting on inventory right now.

“Might be overstocked and it shouldn’t be so hard for consumers to get what they need,” Mazor tells 8 News Now.

Other analysts warn that U.S. and European ports are likely to experience a lull in inbound cargo, followed by a huge surge that only adds to the existing congestion.