LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ahead of a state senate hearing, the Superintendent for Clark County schools declined to speak about an altercation at a Las Vegas school between a high school student and a school police officer.

Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara spoke at a Tuesday event to unveil a new online data dashboard. He says the tool is an effort to increase district-wide transparency.

Several journalists at the event used the opportunity to discuss the incident at Durango High School. On Feb. 9, a Clark County School District police officer was captured on cell phone video grabbing a student’s neck and taking him to the ground.

CCSD has not released body camera video or an incident report regarding the altercation citing the student’s age and the ongoing internal investigation. The officer has been reassigned to other duties as CCSDPD officials investigate the altercation.

A Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter asked Dr. Jara whether he planned to make the body cam and incident report publicly available in the name of transparency.

“I’ll commit to releasing the data dashboard that we have in front of us, because this is what this is about. It’s not about the request that you have,” said Dr. Jara. “We’re here to celebrate the great work that’s happening in our schools, in our community, and our school district.”

“We believe that this is public record and should be open to the public,” The Review-Journal reporter responded. “And we’re just wondering why you’re stonewalling us?”

“We’re here to celebrate the data dashboard and the data transparency that we have in front of us, and we can discuss that at a later time,” said Dr. Jara. “This is about the work that’s happening in this department, in this school district around our students.”

A reporter for another local television station then asked Dr. Jara a follow-up question.

“The ACLU has said if it doesn’t get the public records regarding Durango High […] it will go to court […] in 30 days. What’s your response to that?

“My response is that we’re here to discuss the data dashboard and celebrate the work that’s happening in our school district on behalf of our students,” said Dr. Jara.

Todd Story, communication director for CCSD, then interjected asking journalists to move on to the next and final question.

Dr. Jara and CCSD Police Chief Mike Blackeye will testify on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in a joint meeting of the Senate Committee on Education and Senate Committee on Judiciary.

According to the senate agenda, the hearing will focus on policies and procedures used by CCSDPD when responding to disciplinary or other incidents.