LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Grammy Award-winning drummer and founder of Superfood Friends is donating sports equipment to Las Vegas Title One Schools, and those in underserved communities.

Prescott Ellison is promoting nutrition and fitness as part of the Superfood Friends movement. 
Superfood Friends mascot Andy Apple returned to Las Vegas on Wednesday, Sept 29 to celebrate six years of the Superfood Friends Nutrition and Fitness Program being accepted to help fight childhood obesity at five Las Vegas Title One Schools.

Prescott’s local partners, Scott Miller owner of local business State Restaurant Equipment and Lisa Campbell, formerly with the City Of Las vegas Youth Development and Social Innovation Department are helping with the delivery and distribution of the donations.

Lisa was very instrumental in getting The Superfood Friends Program into five Las Vegas Title One Schools in underserved communities and helping secure in-kind donations from Good Sports Inc., which recently surpassed their Restore Play goal of distributing $15 million in equipment to children in need during the pandemic.

The deliveries will feature Mike Vegas Dorton, local talent and talk show host, and Andy Apple the Superfood Friends mascot motivator.
“The Superfood Friends comprehensive nutrition and fitness program offers an important addition to PE classes that historically includes very minimal education in nutrition,” said Lisa Campbell.

“The delivery of this much-needed sports equipment offers great relief to schools with the lack of funding to purchase or replace worn out and damaged equipment used during PE class and outdoor activities for K-5 Students.  Prescott’s comprehensive Superfood Friends program inspires, engages, and educates children to eat healthily and establish healthy lifestyle habits,” Campbell added. 

Ellison created Superfood Friends, a team of super-powered fruit and vegetable characters to engage, inspire and educate children about nutrition, fitness, and environmental awareness.

The curriculum is currently taught in five schools in Las Vegas.

“Youngsters these days have access to so much information, but often they’re bombarded with misinformation that can lead to counterproductive nutritional choices that can affect them for the rest of their lives,” Ellison said.

Parents and teachers know all too well how choices early on can create good or bad habits and impact health down the road.

Ellison’s grassroots efforts, which are inspired by his father’s military and entrepreneurial background and his mother’s emphasis on nutrition and fitness, have been recognized by leaders across the country.

In addition to receiving the Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Ellison has received the 2017 US Conference of Mayors Childhood Obesity Prevention Award, secured endorsement from the Nevada Department of Agriculture, and was given the 2016 Field to Fork Award.

Donation delivery times are as follows:

  • JT Mcwilliams Elementary at 9:30 am
  • Kermit R Booker Elementary at 10:30 am
  • Howard Hollingsworth Elementary at 11:30 am
  • Walter Bracken Elementary at 12:30 am