LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A grand party is coming to Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday, and its sole purpose is to help the homeless, while raising awareness about the homeless community. Super Soul Party is gearing up for the 2020 Super Bowl by hosting 20 Super Soul parties across the United States.

The info for Las Vegas’ Super Soul Party is below:

Time & Date: Feb. 2 from 3 p.m.-7 p.m.
Location: 4465 S Buffalo
Las Vegas, NV 89147

The Super Soul Party will include a hot buffets, cold drinks, haircuts, clothing drives and a chance for people in the homeless community to watch the big game. Everything is being sponsored by Charles A. Blumstein CEO, Edison Home Care and Sruli Richler CEO, The Surplus Company, LLC.

There will also be dignity bags of personal hygiene items, as well as other resources for those struggling with mental health, addiction, and homelessness.

The founder of Super Soul Party, Meir Kay, shares why he was inspired to start Super Soul parties:

“Ever since I saw a cardboard box that read ‘I don’t want food. I don’t want a drink-I just want someone to talk with,’ my world changed and I knew I needed to let my fellow humans who are experiencing homelessness to know that they are not alone, they are seen and to bring that awareness to local communities.”

The mission of Super Soul Party is to continue to inspire and spread positivity to those most in need in more communities across the country.

Last year’s party in New York City received an enormous wave of positive feedback and was shared thousands of times across social media platforms. Check it out here.