LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The time for going back to school is around the corner, but some might find it hard to get your child motivated and excited for the school year with so many things competing for their attention.

Staff at Sunset Montessori Community on Pecos and Sunset roads spoke with 8 News Now about how you can help your student prepare for the upcoming school year.

Gale Swift, a Kolbe youth educator, said it’s important to work with students as they adjust to a new school year after summer vacation.

“A Kolbe youth advocate gives students the opportunity to know how they solve problems their way, and when they know how to solve problems their way through a tool that I use, they have the motivation to learn and to keep learning,” Swift said.

She added that giving students the tools they need keeps going back to school from seeming like a drag and helps them become eager to learn.

“The Kolbe wisdom measures how people work when free to do things their own way, how they naturally solve problems and create solutions for themselves,” she said. “When I work in a classroom with teachers and they know how they work, and they know how their students work, they can allow the students to solve problems their way and not impose the teacher’s way on the students.”

Victoria Martinez, teacher and founder of the local school, said the methods educators use give students everything they need to succeed.

“It’s very hands-on so they get to choose, they get to decide, and I think that helps them get motivated through the end of the school year,” she said.

Martinez said that keeping children engaged with activities that are exciting for them helps prepare them for the back-to-school season, and it’s a practice she uses with her own daughter.

“I try to make it exciting with school supply shopping, getting the new backpack, prepping the school lunches, we prepare them together,” she said. “She’s very excited to go back to school.”

Swift added that with the Kolbe wisdom methods, students have lessons geared toward them and their learning styles, which keeps them wanting to learn.

“This is innate, it’s not your personality, you can’t change it, so I have a phrase that I use, ‘going with the grain instead of against the grain’ for your student’s best efforts,” Swift said.

CCSD schools are scheduled to start the upcoming school year on Aug. 8.