LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Healthcare workers at Sunrise Hospital and medical center received the coronavirus vaccine Wednesday. Their vaccine clinic is up and in full swing.

The Southern Nevada Health District delivered the medicine at 6 a.m. Shots were given shortly after to a round of applause.

Dr. Steven Merta, Sunrise’s chief medical officer, says people are waffling a bit, but he expects them to eventually get vaccinated.

“They were excited early on, but now they are not,” he shared. “But I think we will still hit that 60 to 80% mark. Many people are excited, they just didn’t want to be the first one. But you know, they are watching closely, and they are excited, and they will be signing up tomorrow and the next day.”

Sunrise is not requiring employees to get the vaccine. It is an optional choice for them.

The hospital held an exercise Tuesday to make sure the distribution ran smoothly.

“We know from the moment that vaccine hits the loading dock to the direction it’s taking, into the refrigerator, we have the ultra cold filtration here at Sunrise, we’re very fortunate to have that, we know the timing it takes to thaw it, we know how to distribute it, we have all of our members in line, yes, we have thought through every individual step,” said Merta earlier.

UMC was the first hospital to receive the vaccine. It began administering it to staff on Monday.