LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While the strong, gusty winds that blew through the Las Vegas valley have calmed down, it will be windy Monday and a Red Flag warning is still in place.

Monday’s wind gusts will be in the neighborhood of 30 mph which is much less than the valley experienced on Sunday when the National Weather Service recorded a gust at Red Rock at 75 mph and one at Angel peak hit 72 mph. In Mountain’s Edge, a gust was recorded at 65 mph at one on Water Street in Henderson at 63 mph. Other parts of the valley experienced gusts in the 40 to 50-mph range.

It was strong enough to bring down trees in some neighborhoods. This large tree was knocked down in Gardens Park in Summerlin where the wind speed was clocked at 58 mph.

The wind also whipped up the dust causing a dust storm warning making visibility difficult on Sunday afternoon.

The Red Flag Warning is in effect due to the windy and dry conditions today which increase the risk of fire danger.