LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It was a storm-filled Sunday in Las Vegas. There was rain and flooding as storms made their way across the valley.

For many, it was a welcome relief after the extreme heatwaves we have seen this summer, but for some, the damage left behind is less than ideal.

Jack Beardon recalls the intense moments Sunday afternoon when his neighborhood tree cracked in half and landed not just on his cars but also on his roof, catching it all on video on his ring camera. 

“Lightning hits and it’s a very distinct sound, and this was lightning, and we heard the crack,” said Beardon.

Luckily, his cars and house were not damaged, but he says the weather definitely shook him and the whole neighborhood up. 

“An event like this is very traumatic, especially in the Las Vegas area. I’m used to wind and I’m used to rain, but during these monsoon events, it’s totally unpredictable,” said Beardon.

Beardon wasn’t the only one to experience his fair share of weather. Over at Mountain’s Edge, residents say the rain came down hard. 

“The lightning scared me a little bit as it got really loud, and it sounded like hail going off my window,” said Mountain’s Edge resident, Cameron Smedley.

Resident Michael Woods recalls a time where his entire neighborhood flooded. 

“The water came and broke through right across and went all down to the road about two years ago,” said Woods.

Ironically though, to this day, Woods says he is more a fan of this weather compared to our typical Las Vegas sunshine.

“I love the thunderstorms when they come. I think this is the best weather that we have had all year. I’ve been waiting for this rain, been waiting,” shared Woods.