LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The music festival season is here and on Saturday, April 15, the first SunCan Music Festival will be happening in Downtown Las Vegas.

The stage is set at Fergusons Downtown for an electrifying Saturday night of art and music. The first SunCan Music Festival highlights local artists and gives the community an opportunity to support one another.     

“It’s just one big event meant to just bring together the music and art community as well as people who are music lovers,” said organizer Shana Salazar with Black Sheep Booking.

Ten of Las Vegas’ biggest indie, rock, and alternative bands will play at the festival.

“We’re very like 90s influence,” said Jimmi Stepanik with the band Arrlo.

“I get a lot of inspiration from, like I said, from dramatic artist, so it could be like Fiona Apple or Mitski,” said lead singer Gabbi Fisher with the band Elevated Undergrounds.

“Youth and music and art for some odd reason is kind of stirring up something real special in Vegas right now,” Stepanik said.

SunCan is put on by Salazar and Stepanik who met local bands like the Dollheads and SECOS on the rising stars stage at Life is Beautiful. Both are at the SunCan music festival.

“Two heads are better than one and in this case, it’s a lot of heads putting it all together,” Sunni Suede with Arrlo said.

And you can rock your socks off while giving back. The music fest doubles as a canned food drive.

“There’s over 6,000 homeless. Lots of hungry people in this city that need some help,” Stepanik said.

Bands like Elevated Undergrounds and Pure Sport are pulling out all the stops to help you give back while getting down.

“Expect us to get a little too sweaty, push people around a little bit, jump into the crowd,” said Jared Scott, the lead singer, and bassist for Pure Sport Lead.

“Our guitarist is crazy. He likes to run on stage. I like to do flips,” Fisher said.

Pure bliss to soak up at the very first SunCan Music Fest.

“We’re on a bubble that’s about to pop,’ said Stepanik.

This is an all-ages festival and takes place Saturday, April 15, starting at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $15, or $10 if you bring a canned food donation.

There will also be 20 art vendors at the event.