LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Neighbors in a Summerlin community say they are upset about the habits of drivers at a four-way intersection near Sky Vista and Alta.

Summerlin residents seek change at a dangerous intersection near Sky Vista and Alta.

Reba Rocket has lived in this area for 2 years and says drivers have a false sense of how fast they are going because the streets are really wide.

“Several streets in this area where people go a lot faster than the speed limit,” Rocket tells 8 News Now. “Either they sort of slow but go right through, or they just go right through the intersection without even bothering to stop.”

Nate Glass lives in Summerlin and agrees with Rocket’s concerns.

“People in this area kind of see crosswalks as just optional or either people blow right through them,” he said.

Rocket says she is doing what she can to bring about change to the area, including contacting police, but so far she hasn’t noticed any added police presence in the area since her call.

“A young woman in her young 20s was flying down Sky vista crossing Charleston
without stopping and ended up getting killed in that accident as well,” Rocket recalled. “My concern is that your next story on the news is going to be the child that got hit.”

The intersection falls in the City of Las Vegas Ward two jurisdiction. 8 News Now has contacted city leaders and they released a statement which is provided below.

The city of Las Vegas collects and reviews traffic volumes and crash history across the city’s jurisdiction. The data is analyzed and if it is determined that there is a roadway issue that can be addressed to make an area safer the city makes those changes. For example, at some busy intersections the city installs flashing lights for pedestrians looking to cross.

Ultimately, we want to ensure we have the best fit for the particular intersection or corridor being evaluated, with safety as our primary concern, while optimizing operations including minimizing unnecessary driver delay.

We hope that drivers are cautious and careful on the roadways and are following traffic laws, as our engineers cannot control driver error or failure to adhere to safety requirements.

City of Las Vegas