LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s not too late to book that summer trip, and it turns out, if you do wait, prices might look a little better.

It’s certainly not as cheap to travel as it once was. No matter how you travel, it’s going to cost you this summer.

Hayley Berg, a lead economist at Hopper, a popular app that specializes in travel deals, said that travel cost is up about 18 percent for domestic travel compared to this time in 2018. That’s an extra 60 dollars more per ticket. She said that although some airfare is sky high, prices are slowly coming down.

“We expect airfare to start falling off. we are already seeing that airfare is down about $30 from its peak from a few weeks ago.”

Demand for travel increased until about June, but then has slowed down as we head into July and August.

“Travelers can expect to save on airfare if they can wait and travel in August or even September or October.”

However, Airbnb prices went up more than 11 percent this year. The average hotel cost was nearly $171 a night in May, which is $40 more than a year ago. Rental cars have soared 70% during the pandemic.

If you’re looking to travel soon, Berg gave her best advice.

“Number one tip if you are planning to travel this summers is be flexible. if you can travel in late august you can save about 120 per round trip ticket on airfare and as much as 100 on a three night hotel.” 

As for what’s popular right now, travel experts have said all-inclusive vacations to Central America and the Caribbean are the hot ticket items.