LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the summer season approaches, and the school year wraps up, many parents are scrambling to find summer camps for their children.

However, some parents say the price tag for some of these camps is turning them away.

Chris Barcelo has been living in the Las Vegas valley since 2007 and says he finds summer camps to be crucial in his child’s learning, especially following the pandemic.

“They’re not just sitting here babysitting, they are teaching the kids as well,” Barcelo said. “It was a rough couple of years for all the young kids not being able to be around other kids their age,” he added.

For parents such as Barcelo and Krista Speigner, they say finding a place for their children to grow socially and learn at the same time is a win.

“I’m actually a big proponent for year-round schooling,” Speigner said.

However, when it comes to affordability it can be a problem for many parents.

Victoria Martinez is the owner of Sunset Montessori School and says they are lending a helping hand by offering summer camps with the help of grants.

Parents who spoke with 8 News Now say they are grateful for the support.

“The fact that there’s actually a grant here that all of the children got a scholarship and having 2 children that’s been huge for us,” Speigner said.

“Because of the grant we were able to stay,” Barcelo added.

Meanwhile, Martinez says while parents face affordability issues, they too face a lack of help.

“We’ve been doing summer camps for 11 years and I’ve never faced a problem with this.

To keep up with the demand Montessori says they are looking into providing internships this summer season.