A new study by the National Education Association found that Nevada has the largest average class size in the entire nation.

The Clark County School District said the overcrowding is due to funding.

“Funding hurts us,” said Kevin Child, CCSD Trustee. “We cut $68 million out of our budget.” 

According to Child, with the new law Assembly Bill 469, most of the money doesn’t come from the top and instead goes directly to the schools.

“Well, guess what it didn’t. They supplanted it,” said Child. “What they did is just took out regular budget money from the state and put marijuana money in the budget.”
Child said right now in CCSD around 30 is the average class size, and when we talk about high school, it’s over that number. 

Schools that can see the most crowding are: “Inner city schools like Dessert Pine, Rancho, Clark, Valley,” Child said. 

8 News NOW reached out to the Clark County Education Associaton (CCEA) and spoke with several teachers who had concerns. 

“I believe our school is around 200 students over projection at 3,400, and we were already over capacity,” said Jeremy Christensen, a teacher at Arbor View High School. “The hallways are crowded, the lunchroom, our classrooms. We have a great climate at our school, so that helps, but packing teenagers in schools, in general, is not a good idea.”  

“Forty, sometimes 50, students in a classroom is unacceptable,” said Vikki Courtney, CCEA president. “Class sizes in Nevada are the largest in the nation. We need to need to reduce class size. The State Legislature needs to pass legislation that reduces student-teacher ratios and provides adequate funding to hire additional educators so that they can teach properly and so our students can learn properly.”

“It’s not ideal, our superintendent has said, and along with our board of trustees that this has to be one of our top priorities in the upcoming legislative session,” said Kirsten Searer, a CCSD spokesperson.

We “need to change the narrative here,” Child said.

On Friday, CCSD will be doing their first count day where they will look at actual class sizes and make adjustments.