LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — To anyone who lives in Las Vegas, it’s no surprise. None at all.

A study released Tuesday (July 5) by says Vegas ranks No. 1 in the country among the 100 best cities for recreation.

The study by the website that offers financial deals and advice ranks each city in a number of categories, including entertainment and recreational facilities, cost, weather and quality of parks.

The last category has the City of Las Vegas strutting its stuff. In an email to media from KCLV, the city’s public access channel, it boasts “Las Vegas Parks Rule” to announce the WalletHub honor.

The city also has a video — 2 minutes, 42 seconds long — showing its parks and boasting of the WalletHub designation.

No. 2 in the ranking is Orlando, Fla.

Fort Wayne, Ind., is last. You’d know why if you’ve ever been there.