Students pepper sprayed during big fight at Western High School

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Clark County School District had to handle an incident that led to students getting pepper sprayed in central Las Vegas.

According to officers, students at Western High School located at 4601 W. Bonanza Road got into a big fight Thursday.  It happened during a lunch period when 12 students got into an argument, but it turned into a physical fight.

CCSD Police said 100-200 onlookers escalated the situation, so officers had to use pepper spray to gain control of the students. A total of 45-50 students were affected and needed “decontamination” from the pepper spray.

“No one really knew what was happening while they were in the lunch room; in the lunch line, until they felt the pepper spray and started coughing, so everybody ran out, Mia Gardea, a student at Western High School said. “A couple of people ran out because it was so much of it.”

“I think they could have used something that was a little bit more safer because now you’ve got students that are, you know, like one of her friends who was throwing up,” said Susie Gardea, parent. 

Witnesses said the fight was a race riot, but when CSD Police was asked whether or not that was true, Captain Robert Morales said the fight was sparked as a result of racial and cultural differences.

There weren’t any weapons used during the fight, and no one was significantly hurt, police said.

A total of four students were arrested.

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