Students, parents react to false alarm of student having gun on Spring Valley High’s campus

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Students at Spring Valley High School were more than prepared for the unexpected lockdown Monday. However, even though the school developed the students by practicing lockdown drills at least twice a school year, the threat of a student with a gun on campus, which thankfully turned out to be a false alarm, sent panic throughout the campus.

Cell phone video that showed students with their hands up, along with what appeared to be a police officer asking them if they’re ok, circulated among students during the hard lockdown.

“We’re all like texting each other and telling each other what we knew, but no one really knew what was going on,” said Kenna Scott, a student at Spring Valley High School.

Kenna is one of the students who received the video, but she also experienced everything first hand as police cleared classrooms searching for a student with a gun.  But nothing was ever found.

“We all saw a police officer with like, I think it was an A-K something,” Kenna said. “He was on the roof you know searching for someone, and they walked in our classes.” 

The 15-year-old sophomore says despite being scared after seeing armed officers walking the hallways, everyone seemed to keep orderly conduct.

“We’re all just trying to get information and like listening to instructions, paying attention to what the teacher was saying,” said Kenna.  “We all knew what to do because we had practiced it before.”

Parents were notified about the police activity at the school. Many rushed to the campus Monday to check on their children.

“I was worried right away,” one concerned parent said. “It seems like its been happening a lot lately; the lockdowns, so like I rushed down here to just you know… “Maybe he can come out, and I can just take him home.”

Some students went home after being given the option to stay or call it a day.  Kenna said she usually feels safe at school, but she decided it was best to have her mom pick her up Monday.

“It’s never happened before to me at least, so it was like — [it] kinda shook a little,” she said.

In addition to practicing lockdowns, students and staff also do fire and earthquake drills throughout the school year.

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