Students cope with loss of classmate, 11-year-old Angelina Erives

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There were nearly a dozen grief counselors on hand Monday at Somerset Academy Losse Campus for the classmates of 11-year-old Angelina Erives.

Angie, as her friends and family lovingly called her, was killed while doing homework in her home near Losee Road and Centennial Parkway on Thursday night.

Police believe the shooters targeted the wrong house when they sprayed it with bullets during a drive-by.

Students at Somerset Academy Losee Campus can’t believe their classmate is gone. On Monday, they remembered the 6th-grader by writing her special letters. 

“What I think about this is that it’s very sad and tragic that she dies because she was a close friend of mine,” said Loy Bacca, a friend of Angie’s friend.  “I knew her for 3-years.  Angie — she was so sweet like she would take anybody into her life like even in a bad situation she loved everybody.” 

The school became aware of what happened to Angie as the news spread through social media, word of mouth, as well as a message that was sent to parents by the school principal. 

The message states: “We will support her family in any and every way we can. We know we must also support all of our students who are trying to process what happened.”

“It was very sad; a lot of people cried in class,” Loy said. “They had lunch and they had about 10 counselors and they talked about how she was a special person and now she’s in a good place.”

The school also took the time to let students write letters to Angie and her family.  One parent said death is never an easy topic to talk about.

“It’s not easy because each kid takes things differently; each person receives it differently,” said Kristen Matthews, mother. 

Matthews says it’s important for parents to always support children at all times and always remind them what’s right and what’s wrong.

“Continue to come together; continue to support the GoFundMe so that they can bring justice to the situation and allow her to rest in heaven and the family to gain strength and get through this. It’s going to be a while before they heal from this,” Matthews said. 

“Angie rest in paradise. I Love You so much,” Loy said.

As for the latest on the investigation, North Las Vegas Police are still looking for additional people who may be involved in the shooting. The day of the shooting, officers did arrest a 17-year-old man. 

Another man identified as 19-year-old Guy Banks ended up being shot by one of Angelina’s neighbors. He died on Saturday. 

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