LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District (CCSD) police confirm that it arrested at least four students today after multiple guns were found at three different schools.

Police said two firearms were found at Eldorado High School shortly after 8 a.m. Police arrested two different students at Eldorado. Police said another gun was found at a residence near Eldorado HS. When asked why this was included in the confirmed details about today’s arrests, 8 News Now was told by CCSD police it will “investigate a crime that originates at the school or poses a threat to the school. Which is likely why our officers would be at a residence.”

Image: KLAS

CCSD police then found another gun at Mojave High School after a family member reported that a firearm had been stolen from the residence.

A fourth gun was found at Escobedo Middle School after school staff reported a student might be in possession of a firearm.

“Every firearm recovered was in possession of a child or a person that could not lawfully possess
the firearm,” CCSD Police Officers’ Association President Matthew Caldwell told 8 News Now. “Every firearm recovered represents a very real threat to the safety of the students,
the staff at the school, and the officer who had to recover it.”

Caldwell added that “over the last 120 school days, 37 firearms have been recovered on or around school property, this includes firearms from residences. That number includes five firearms recovered today, which averages out to one firearm recovered every three school days.”

The CCSD Police Officers’ Association offered parents the following tips:

  • Check your child’s backpack before they leave for school and when they return.
  • Check your child’s room and the areas they have access to.
  • Make sure that any firearm in your residence is either locked away or in your immediate possession.
  • Talk to your children and report any information of any child in possession of a firearm to the police (702-799-5411).

The Clark County Education Association released a statement regarding the incidents.

School safety is a top priority for CCEA this legislative session, and the alarming news out of three schools today only serves to highlight how severe this issue has become. Moreover, what’s especially concerning is that one of these schools, Eldorado High School, was the scene of a violent assault committed by a student against an educator last year, and yet it’s evident today that the threat of future acts of violence remain unabated. There should be zero tolerance for students who bring firearms into their schools, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that every classroom, every bus, and every campus in CCSD is safe—for students and staff alike. We are anticipating several pieces of legislation around the issue of school safety to be introduced this session, and CCEA is working directly with our lawmakers and the governor’s office to guarantee that what ultimately get’s passed meaningfully addresses the kind of violent and disruptive behavior we are seeing and finally makes our schools safe.

Clark County Education Association spokesperson