LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Tuesday Clark County School District said 2,000 employees and students will not be coming back to school just yet on Wednesday, due to COVID concerns. However, 8 News Now found many who were going back to school soaking up the last day of the pause at local parks.

Pamela Sedacy tells 8 News Now she is sending her kids back to school Wednesday but still worries for their safety. “My biggest concern is sending them back to school because kids they take off their masks and cough on each other,” Sedacy said.

Making sure students follow a strict mask policy is a top concern for parent Terrence Jones. “The only thing I can say is for teachers to make sure they stay within the policy, treat the kids like adults when it comes to those procedures,” Jones said. 

Although parents have their reservations about school reopening Wednesday, some believe a five-day pause was not necessary.  “We have to live with it how are you going to do this all the time how are you going to keep kids from school,” said Money Simpson.

To make up for the missed school days, the school district said students will now have classes on February 7th and April 25th, as those were originally scheduled as days off on the school calendar.