LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Concerns poured in from the community about how violence within Clark County School District is impacting the mental health of children. 

In Tuesday evening’s discussion called PTSD in CCSD,  parents, students, and leaders had an open conversation about the after-effects the pandemic and the uptick in school violence is having on our youth. 

Photo: KLAS

Trauma is a battle some students are faced with every day. Some are fighting a silent fight and others are lashing out. “We have been locked up and now we are seeing all these people and now we are lashing out on each other,” said 11th grade student Aalyna Jabbar.

The escalation in recent brutal attacks within CCSD has made headlines, but students say they didn’t know about them until they saw it on the news. 

The lack of transparency from the district is stirring fear amongst teachers and students. “We are facing a major situation on campus,” said teacher Reuben D’Silva. “I have never had to put my hands on a student in regard to stopping a fight but I have had to twice.”

School board trustee Katie Williams was amongst the panelists to hear what changes can be made because on Friday there will be a special session to discuss this very topic. “The board wants to address student safety issues, and let people know the parents know we care we take into consideration every day when we get those reports we ask what is going on,” Williams said.

That special meeting is set to take place Friday morning.
One suggestion that was made by various leaders is that change starts at home. Children are watching our day-to-day moves and when they do something wrong, it is not a time to judge them but to teach them right and wrong.