LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nearly 100 College of Southern Nevada students are preparing to make their way to Carson City Monday to testify before the Nevada legislature.

“I just think it’s amazing that there are two busloads of students who are really passionate about these legislative priorities,” Student Body Secretary, Jasmine De La Tore said.

The day, dubbed “CSN Day at the Legislature”, will give students a chance to testify before legislators about the college’s top priorities.

“I am empowered to raise awareness because I am a student and I do know what is going on at the base level and the struggles whether it’s financially or finding resources so I want to bring up these issues,” student Noah Yaco said.

Funding for their workforce development programs and the proposed CSN Northwest Campus set to be located on Durango Drive and Elkhorn Road are some of the priorities the students will be advocating for.

Bills like AB226 are also set to be at the forefront of the discussion which would allow DACA recipients to qualify for in-state tuition.

“Every legislative year we have sent a delegation of students with the exception of 2021 with COVID. Students advocating for themselves is huge and essential so that our legislators can hear directly from the students what they are going through,” Director of Student Government and leadership development, Brian Akins said.

Students will gather at CSN’s Student Union and take off around 9 p.m. Monday to then arrive in Carson City the next day and gather outside the legislative building by 12 p.m. Tuesday.