LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ten days after the end of the school district’s five-day “Stop the Spread” pause, attendance numbers have improved for both students and teachers.

An update from the Clark County School District provided on Friday shows that more students returned to classes, and staff absences were also down.

Figures provided by the district:

    • Monday, Jan. 24: 86.64% of students in school
    • Tuesday, Jan. 25: 88.01% of students in school
    • Wednesday, Jan. 26: 88.49% of students in school
    • Thursday, Jan. 27: 88.24% of students in school
    • Friday, Jan. 28: 87.47% of students in school

CCSD said the average for the school year has been around 90%. Last week, just after the pause, absences were around 85%.

    • Monday, Jan. 24: 1,255 absences (fill rate of 29.5%)
    • Tuesday, Jan. 25: 1,115 absences (fill rate of 31.7%)
    • Wednesday, Jan. 26: 1,086 absences (fill rate of 32.4%)
    • Thursday, Jan. 27: 1,170 absences (fill rate of 33.3%)
    • Friday, Jan. 28: 1,495 absences (fill rate of 34%)

Absences were down significantly, and fill rates were higher.

Fill rate indicates the percentage of teacher absences requiring a substitute that were in fact filled by a substitute. The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of filled absences by the number of absences that required a substitute.