Strip properties explore new weapons-detection technology to stop potential threats

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A Canadian company that’s testing a non-intrusive weapons-detection system is showing off new features as places like hotels and schools search for ways to stop threats before they happen.

8 News NOW got a sneak peek at the new technology being tested in Las Vegas.

For the last year and a half, PatriotOne has been testing its Patscan Covert Weapons Detection System which uses artificial intelligence and millimeter microwave radar to identify weapons.

The sensors can pick up things in real time a people pass doorways, desks or other areas where the technology is installed, and it continues to grow.

The company has developed an integrated system of devices meant to detect knives, guns, and explosives and detect them at several points around a property.  The idea is to buy precious seconds to stop a threat before an attack happens. That includes software that enables most security cameras to identify weapons and alert authorities in real-time.

There are also passive crowd scanners that can find weapons as a group of people pass by.

“As you can see, we have a gentleman walk into frame, firearm detected, that’s enough to send a notification,” said James Stewart, senior vice president of video analytics for PatriotOne.

All of the tools feed into a software control system which can provide authorities with a complete overview of what the threat is and where it’s at in real time.

“This is a single view that they can easily understand when seconds matter,” said Larry Stallman, the head of development for the Patscan Platform.  It shows “what camera they want to look at, along with the door they want to unlock.” 

“We protect over 200 schools in Washington state, and have done so for nearly 4 years,” Stallman added.

PatriotOne CEO Martin Cronin says several strip properties have shown interest in using his company’s technology.

“Resorts here are wrestling with the challenge of how do they improve the safety of the patrons, without turning these premises into fortresses,”  Cronin said.

It’s a balance that resort properties here have been trying to strike for the last year.  The company also has launched products that can scan electronics and liquids, and detect explosives within a matter of seconds.

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