LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The cost of childcare is a hot topic of discussion among parents. However, Governor Steve Sisolak and other state officials are expanding a $50 million fund to pay for child care. These added funds will help cover child care co-pays for those using state-subsidized child care programs.

“There’s a lot of young moms out here and they can only get work making so much, and for it to be hundreds of dollars, for a week’s worth of childcare it’s insane,” said Jan Senn, a grandmother who knows all too well about the struggles her own daughter has endured.

Chelsea Sliter works for the Children’s Cabinet, a non-profit organization that works closely with the Las Vegas Urban League to offer a variety of childcare resource referrals.

“We see people every day come through our doors that are barely making it or they are not making ends meet so this is going to provide a huge amount of financial stress relief for families,” said Sliter.

Sliter says with this boost in funds there’s a whole new group of families who will now be able to receive support.

The manager of Mommy’s Angels Childcare on Rainbow Boulevard, Rick Farraj, says there is a big demand for infant and toddler care. He also says that while they already have plans in place to help parents financially, sometimes it is not enough.

“We have some parents that they don’t have the money. It’s not like they are trying to save it, they just don’t have it and they are stuck between whether they are going to stay home to watch my kid but then can’t afford to pay rent and so on,” said Farraj.

While there was already a program in place for low-income families making around $36,000 per year, with this extra money relief is expanded to those in the middle-income range of up to $70,000 per year. According to Gov. Sisolak, the hope is that these funds will last through 2023.

For families and providers that are interested in the program, you can go to this website for more information.