LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– This year, there have been 36 pedestrian-related fatalities, 27 of which were the pedestrian’s fault. And with that Metro police has a message for drivers and pedestrians.

“Don’t rely on pedestrian signals,” said Lieutenant Daryl Rhoads of Metro’s traffic bureau. “Just because the signal turns green and gives you the opportunity to walk out there, does not mean that it’s safe to do so.”

He said that when one approaches a crosswalk, to stop and look both ways. He also said to make eye contact with drivers and to remain within the crosswalk.

Despite 27 reported fatalities being the pedestrian’s fault, Rhoads still urges drivers to proceed with caution.

“Stop, stop driving impaired,” said Rhoads, “make sure that when you’re driving that vehicle your paying attention to what’s going on out there. The slightest bit of circumstances can change turning your vehicle into a deadly weapon.”

There have been more than 90 traffic-related deaths in Metro police’s jurisdiction. The department said it will continue to work on pedestrian safety in high-traffic areas.