LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada confirm the stolen bronze statue from its headquarters in downtown Las Vegas has been found and recovered.

The Girl Scouts thanked the Downtown Area Command Patrol Investigations Squad writing , “Thank you LVMPD Downtown Area Command, your team is tireless and absolutely amazing! Show the detectives your love in the comments, Girl Scouts!”

Surveillance video showed who people removing the statue Saturday morning at 2:45.

On Tuesday, someone had placed several origami swans at the site of the statue.

“Since this really brazen theft early Saturday morning of our bronze statue, we’ve had just an outpouring of support from members, from girls, from volunteers, families, other nonprofits in the community,” said Aimee Romero, Girl Scouts Chief Communications Development Officer.

“When we got in today, we were very surprised to see that somebody had left us some origami swans where the statue used to be, and also some flowers,” Romero said.