LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ryan High, executive director of Silver State Health Exchange, wants consumers to have an easy experience when it’s time to enroll in health insurance through

Nevadans without insurance provided by their employer can enroll in health plans. More than 100,000 people signed on for plans last year — a record for enrollment. Part-time employees, gig workers and people who might have left the workforce can find coverage that is federally subsidized.

To make the task simpler, free assistance is available. High provided step-by-step instructions on how to get help when it’s time to enroll:

  • First, head over to and click “Find Assistance.”
  • From here, you will be directed to the “Find Local Assistance at No Cost to You” landing page, where you will be presented with two options, both which are completely free: “Find a Nevada Certified Agent or Broker Near You” or “Find a Nevada Certified Counselor Near You.”
  • Once you decide what type of assistance you need, you will be directed to a page to enter your ZIP code and preferred language and will be connected with a list of brokers or navigators in your area.
  • Spend some time researching the agents in your area by reading their profiles or visiting their websites to ensure they are a good fit for you. You can then select who you’d like as your designated agent and begin the process of getting free enrollment assistance.

High recommends being prepared with the documents you’ll need to sign up.

Depending on your circumstances, the documents could include a Nevada driver’s license, a Social Security number, proof of Nevada residence, proof of income (W-2s or pay stubs) and your current health insurance, if you have it.

To get started, a Social Security number is all you will need to complete the application to enroll.