LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Boom, pow, pop. Those are sounds you can expect to hear during Independence Day weekend as America’s birthday is clebrated.

But as always, it’s important to know the risks at hand when using fireworks. First and foremost, If celebrating with fireworks this fourth of July, make sure they are permitted, meaning they’re ‘safe and sane.’

Firework stands have been popping up all around town that sell fireworks permitted in the city of Las Vegas and Clark County. These fireworks do not fly up in the air or explode and they don’t move rapidly across the ground. However, they do have a lot of light and effects, and most of all, they are entertaining and safe.

Even so, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue (LVFR) shares some must-haves in case any flare-ups occur.

“My expectations are that it will be windy and that we will get a lot of fires,” said Robert Nolan, senior deputy chief and fire marshal for LVFR. “We recommend that people have a garden hose standing by for spot fires and that they have a bucket of water or two, so they can pick up the fireworks after they are spent.”

Senior Deputy Nolan also says it’s vital that if one needs to report illegal fireworks, go to and do not call 911.

As for those who use illegal fireworks, within city limits, they’re looking at a minimum fine of $250. And those who use them within the Clark Count will pay even more, with a minimum fine of $500.