LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Republican candidate Stavros Anthony will appeal his election loss to the Nevada Supreme Court, his campaign announced on Wednesday.

Anthony lost the Clark County Commission District C race to Democrat Ross Miller by just 15 votes — and 139 “unexplained discrepancies” that his campaign has cited in previous legal efforts. The final margin of victory changed from 10 votes to 30 votes, and then 15 votes, as a recount proceeded.

“This is a fight for each and every ballot to be counted and the will of the District C voter to be upheld,’ Anthony said.

“My campaign has made every effort to advocate for the unprecedented situation we face with a 15-vote margin of victory, which is .000097 margin, while at the same time there are 139 unexplained discrepancies. This case will shape the manner in which elections are dealt with in Nevada forever.”

The County Commission, after initially ordering a new election on the advice of Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria, voted 7-0 to certify the District C results. That vote followed statements by a judge indicating that a lawsuit seeking a new election would not succeed.

Judge Elizabeth Gonzales said on Nov. 30 that the margin of victory was not a sufficient cause to require a new election. “There is a discrepancy of 139 (votes) — that does not mean that there was any election that was prevented,” Gonzalez said.

Court records show that the petition for a new election was denied.

“At issue is the interpretation of NRS 293.465 and other election statutes and requiring the Commission to order a new election as it had previously,” according to today’s statement from Anthony’s campaign.

“The district court denied this motion, holding that the District C election was not “prevented” as prescribed in NRS 293.465.

Anthony added, “Special elections have been ordered in the past by the County Commission. In 2018 a 4-vote margin, with 43 votes in question, prompted a special election in the public administrators race. Those 59,032 voters were given the opportunity to a new election and their right to an accurate election resulted in a 6,012-vote win for their preferred candidate. District C voters deserve no less.”

Anthony is being represented by the legal team of Mark A. Hutchison, Jacob A. Reynolds, and Piers R. Tueller with Hutchison & Steffen, PLLC.