LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued new guidance for the construction industry today. The new memo lays out social distancing rules for work breaks, including lunch and before and after work.

It encourages sites to do things like temperature checks and surveys on workers every day.

“NVOSHA is emphasizing the need for construction leadership to be working with and aware of the health and well-being of its labor force,” the memo reads in part.

The guidelines also address meetings, restricting them to no more than 10 people. Construction sites and businesses are also urged to provide sanitation and cleaning supplies for areas commonly used, like mobile equipment and multi-user tooling.

It does allow a little wiggle room for specific job functions where social distancing may not be allowed. In those instances, they must fill out a job hazard analysis for each task, including training.

The administration noted it will be performing “random onsite inspections” to ensure the guidelines and Gov. Steve Sisolak’s directives are implemented efficiently.