CARSON CITY, Nev (KLAS) — Nevadans will not be penalized for expired driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. The deadline for the Real ID will also be postponed.

Due to closures forced by the COVID-19 outbreak, Nevada is issuing an automatic 90-day extension for driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and other DMV documents.

Extensions are granted for any DMV document that has an expiration date of March 16 through April 30. This includes all types of driver’s licenses and ID cards, vehicle registrations and movement permits, DMV business licenses and Motor Carrier credentials.

The DMV website,, has an Extension Letter that motorists can print and present to law enforcement. The extension does not apply to vehicle liability insurance. Motorists must maintain their insurance.

As a sidenote, President Trump said he will postpone the Oct. 1 deadline for the Real ID deadline

“We’re committed first and foremost to the health and safety of Nevadans. We’re asking you to Stay Home for Nevada,” said DPS Director George Togliatti.  “But If you must drive, rest assured that our Highway Patrol troopers are well aware of the DMV closure and will handle each situation appropriately.”

Many of the transactions can be made online. For a full list of what you can do online, CLICK HERE.