LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As Nevada continues to get a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Steve Sisolak has laid out a new plan to help stop the spread of the virus.

The updated approach puts counties in charge of combating the coronavirus, with the State standing by to help. Counties will take action through target enforcement. 

Sisolak says this new approach is all about creating a balance between protecting Nevadans from COVID-19 and helping our economy get back on its feet.

“In no way are we relaxing our mitigation efforts,” Sisolak said.

They’re keeping the emphasis on enforcement as Nevada’s response heads in a different direction. Sisolak announced his new long-term plan will be state managed, but locally executed.

“It’s just a more strategic, aggressive approach that will target the virus where it is spreading and take action necessary to stop it,” Sisolak said.

Here is a quick breakdown of how it will work:

  • Every week, the State will update the Elevated Disease Transmission Criteria for each county. That includes testing, case rates and positivity rates.
  • Counties at high risk will need to create and implement an action plan that targets sources of infection and community spread.

“This approach helps provide targeted interventions to communities while recognizing that the virus is creating different risks in each of our counties,” said Caleb Cage, director for Nevada’s COVID-19 response.

This also means there is no more Phased approach, although individual businesses will still be closely monitored.

“Shutting down public and economic activity throughout the state is not sustainable,” Sisolak said.

Sisolak says casinos are following the rules, but closures are not necessarily off the table.

“All of our options will remain open,” Sisolak said. “If we identify that that is a major problem, that that’s where infections are coming from, we would obviously have to take appropriate action.”

Big concerns in Nevada, according to the Governor, are large family gatherings, as well as infected people who are still going to work.

“People that are going to work, when they know that they’re sick or that know they’ve tested positive, and they’re infecting other people, is shameful,” Gov. Sisolak said. “It’s selfish. It’s something that has to stop.”

Sisolak asked everyone to do their part to stop the spread of the coronavirus, so we can stay away from another shutdown.

“I don’t want that and neither do you,” Sisolak said.

Sisolak adds that until assessments are done and action plans are finalized, the restrictions on bars and taverns in certain counties, including here in Clark, will remain in place.