Staff needed for new downtown COVID-19 isolation facility at Cashman Center

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new facility to help the valley’s homeless during the coronavirus outbreak is set to open Wednesday and the county and city need help staffing it.

Construction on an isolation and quarantine complex at Cashman Center in downtown Las Vegas is almost done. Now the task of hiring enough people to staff the facility 24/7 begins.

The Cashman ISO-Q center is a joint project by Clark County and the city of Las Vegas.

The facility is expected to hold around 350 homeless people who cannot quarantine, isolate, or get health care during the COVDI-19 pandemic.

“We’ll have a quarantine tent, and we’ll have an isolation tent for individuals who are not symptomatic but testing positive, and then an isolation tent for individuals who are symptomatic and are on the road to recovery,” said Tim Burch, Clark County.

This facility is expected to be the first of its kind in the country and a big step up from the first attempts at a makeshift shelter Cashman.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals, case workers, housekeeping, custodial staff, security and people for food distribution are all needed at the facility.

If you’d like to help with one of the jobs, you can call:  (702) 912-8650 or (702) 229-CARE (2273). You will find information about positions and how to apply.

The facility will be open 24-hours a day as long as needed.

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