LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This holiday season Dignity Health, St. Rose Dominican Hospital is offering a modern take on an ancient tradition. The Advent Calendar, a tradition dating back almost 200 years, is a special way many families count down the days in anticipation of the Christmas holiday.

Each date on the Advent Calendar has a small window, behind which would be a small treasure – a picture or sometimes a small gift, like chocolate candy. This year, St. Rose Dominican Hospital continues the tradition by creating a daily digital version with a modern twist amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The #HelloHumankindness Reverse Advent Calendar can be visited on your computer or smartphone. The calendars suggests virtual visitors take part in small acts of kindness.

Participants can pay it forward each day to help brighten the season for friends, family, and colleagues.

St. Rose Dominican began the Reverse Advent Calendar differently this year. Rather than receiving a small treat each day, they are pledging to share a small act of human-kindness each day as they countdown to Christmas.

Daily acts of kindness are quick, simple, and spread the spirit of the season. Daily suggestions include:

  • Share a smile with someone you don’t know
  • Send a positive text message to a friend or family member
  • Sort through your old towels and donate them to a local animal shelter
  • Reconnect with a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time

The #HelloHumankindness Reverse Advent Calendar utilizes hospital social media channels, making daily check-ins quick and convenient. A new suggested act of human-kindness will post each day from Dec. 1 until Christmas, making it easy to follow and share.

Today marks 25 days until Christmas. The suggested act of kindness is to:

  • Make someone laugh!

Together, Dignity Health hospitals hope to make the 2020 holiday season merry and bright for everyone.