LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is booming. Each day new businesses are opening in neighborhoods across the valley. One of the areas seeing higher growth lately is in the southwest around Cactus and Southern Highlands.

As Southern Highlands grows we have a lot of new construction around us especially along Cactus and our Cactus freeway exit has expanded,” managing partner of Mama Bird Southern Kitchen Kaori Nagao told 8 News Now.

Nagao added the area is extremely popular right now and a good place to set up shop. “It has transformed and I’m really excited that we have so many options for family and friends,” Nagao said. “Because we didn’t have these local restaurants when I first moved in here.”

With the new growth, Nagao said she is expanding her business and doubling its size.

The owner of a co-op working space near Russel and Decatur said the location of the boom is key. “The southwest part of the valley has always been important for people to have a presence because it’s the halfway point between Henderson and Summerlin,” Dana Berggren told 8 News Now. “I’m so excited so excited, I think things are looking really positive.”

Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones represents this area of the valley. In a statement to 8 News Now he wrote, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create jobs and make our neighborhoods more vibrant. I am excited to welcome a diverse mix of new businesses to the southwest valley and look forward to working with them.”