Southwest valley dries out following flash flooding near Fort Apache and Blue Diamond

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A southwest neighborhood finally dried out Thursday following flooding caused by Wednesday’s storms. Water rushed into a development near Fort Apache and Blue Diamond, Wednesday night when a berm broke. It created a messy, muddy situation.

Fort Apache at Gomer was closed Wednesday, but it reopened to traffic Thursday afternoon.

“We’ve seen rainstorms and floods come through, but nothing like this,” said Frank Slaughter, neighbor.

“It’s been crazy, said Jasmine Roofe, neighbor.

When it rains, residents like Woofe usually watches flood water rise near her Mountain’s Edge home.

“Just where we’re standing here was probably to our knees,” Roofe described as she pointed to the area.

She said the water was flowing from the street into her garage. But the water didn’t go any further after neighbors used trucks and other materials to redirect the flow.

“I think there would’ve been a lot of damage if not for everyone’s quick thinking to get the water to actually go into the drainage where it’s supposed to go,” said Roofe.

The water was surging down from the Upper Duck Creek Detention Basin.

“There was a berm that was there, built by developers years ago, and that berm didn’t hold up,” said Steven Parrish, the Regional Flood Control Districtit. It was supposed to direct the water to some pipes, that didn’t happen, and so that is the result.”

According to the district, the basin collected 8.5-feet of water after Wednesday’s storm.

“A lot more damage would’ve occurred without the detention basin in place,” Parrish said. “Like, I said, it did its job.”

Besides causing dangerous driving situations, a berm of dirt failing created a muddy mess. The floodwaters entered an inlet and backed up a drainage pipe.

Crews worked quickly to clear the road and repair the berm.

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