LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A southwest valley karate school is set to close after the owner claimed that the landlord wanted to double his rent and refused to fix any of the necessities within the school.

The owner of Las Vegas Karate School, Allen Sarac said he was evicted for not paying his rent.

“I came here one day and the doors were locked and there was a sticker on the wall and the locks were changed,” Sarac said.

Sarac claimed the property owner, Golden River Realty, refused to fix necessities like the leaking roof, cracked flooring, and windows.

“Listen, until you fix the roof, I’m not paying. I need the roof fixed and the I got an eviction notice that unless we double your rent, we need you out of here,” Sarac said.

This all happened within a month and parent, Curin Benbow, was left without a space to take her 9-year-old daughter, Brandise, who is special needs.

“The fact that his karate school is going to be closing, that is a big shakeup in this community because where are the kids going to go now?” Benbow said.

Benbow said her daughter has been taking karate classes at the school for the past two years and it has created a safe place for those like her who are on the spectrum. She also believed it has been extremely helpful in her daughter’s development, giving her the ability to speak up and defend herself.

“It’s been able to give her more self-confidence and it’s also been able to help her memory,” Benbow said. “That has transpired through school.”

8 News Now was able to get in touch with Golden River Realty, who denied the allegation of not fixing certain items but would not go into detail with the media unless their attorney was involved.

Las Vegas Karate School has been operating in the Las Vegas valley for 40 years. Sarac said he is looking for another location after spending 17 years in the southwest valley.