LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — About 3,900 Southwest planes were back in the air on Friday following a hectic week for passengers when more than 15,000 flights were canceled across the U.S.

Only six Southwest flights that arrived in Las Vegas were canceled on Friday and no departures.

Passengers that spoke to 8 News Now’s Madison Kimbro said they were excited to be home in Las Vegas, some even visiting the valley for New Year’s Eve.

“Oh my, it feels amazing to be home,” expressed Akash Abraham.

Abraham and his family are back home after a long stressful week on the east coast. Visiting family in North Carolina for Christmas.

They said they were finally able to make it back Friday, by flying Delta.

Southwest customers Christina Rodriguez and Michael Contreras flew into Las Vegas from California to celebrate the new year, but they almost thought they wouldn’t make it because of this week’s chaos.

“We bought tickets to the 49ers-Raiders game and we would have been out $2,000 dollars,” Rodriguez told 8 News Now.

The CEO of Southwest Airlines said Friday morning that the airline will make good on its promise to reimburse passengers for the travel costs caused by that wave of cancellations.
That’s supposed to include rental cars, hotel rooms, meals, and flight costs on other airlines