LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County school board will vote on whether or not to approve a nearly $4.5 million settlement in a lawsuit against vape manufacturers Thursday.

In August 2022, the Clark County School District joined other US school districts in a lawsuit against Juul Labs, Inc. and Altria Group, Inc., previously known as Philip Morris Companies, Inc. Altria Group owns approximately 30 percent of Juul, according to CCSD officials.

The board will decide whether to approve a settlement of $4,410,746, of which court costs and attorney fees will be deducted. Those costs and fees could cost up to approximately 30 percent of the settlement, according to the board’s 2022 agreement.

“The Clark County School District incurred costs due to student vape pen use on campuses in terms of detection, reporting, staffing, monitoring, confiscation, and remedial action,” the district said in 2022.

The lawsuit makes a public nuisance claim saying the vape product threatened community safety. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations or RICO Act was also exercised, citing damage to business or property.