LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A community health care event highlighted the efforts to provide free HIV testing.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 is National Black HIV and AIDS Awareness Day.

However, HIV awareness is not about one day, but rather about educating the community year-round.

“How can we prevent HIV? The basics, use condoms, have your partner use condoms, and always get tested,” Kevin Carter Las Vegas resident said.

Carter added that events such as National Black HIV and AIDS Awareness Day can make it that much easier to get medical supplies on hand.

“The fact that we have so many options for treatment and options for prevention like you can take a pill once a day or you can get an injection every two months that prevents you from getting HIV we want to make sure people are more aware of that,” Chris Reynolds executive director of the Southern Nevada Health Consortium expressed.

While the Centers for Disease Control states African American communities have made progress in reducing HIV transmission more outreach does need to continue.