LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Monday morning volunteers at Three Square were busy packing up the many boxes of food that would go out to the community.

Amanda Jerzak, Director of Procurement and Engagement, said that their recent data showed one in seven people struggle with hunger in our area. 

“I haven’t seen in it this bad where people couldn’t afford to buy food,” Jerzak said. 

For this Thanksgiving, many families will not have a traditional meal. 

While Three Square was able to get some turkeys, they had to make a tough choice between how much they were spending on a single turkey or buying a week’s worth of groceries for families. 

Three Square distributes to more than 160 food pantries in Southern Nevada however, the need for food this year is unlike any other. 

“They need more food, and we are just doing our best to make sure that we have enough food here, ” Jerzak said. 

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada receives a lot of its supply from Three Square and on Monday morning lines for their pantry were out the door. 

“We are surviving but it’s been a struggle,” Martha Maken, who was standing in line with her brother, said. “I’m not ashamed to say it, but if I have to go to the food bank I go to the food bank, it does help a lot.”

To meet the need, Leslie Carmine with Catholic Charities said they are reevaluating how much they are giving out.

“There may have been times where that box of food has been hefty, maybe 80 lbs. of food at one time, now it’s maybe shrinking a little bit,” Carmine said 

Carmine also told 8 News Now this year they had a lot more people asking for help for the first time. 

Catholic Charities accepts donations and any items that can help make a few meals go a long way such as canned protein, pasta, and peanut butter. 

If you would like to donate to Catholic Charities, click here. To donate to Three Square, you can click here.