Some unemployment claimants asked to return payments after issues discovered with claims

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Waiting for unemployment, getting unemployment, and now, paying back unemployment. It is just another issue hundreds are dealing with recently.

We know many of you who reached out to 8 News Now wanting to know why this is happening.

This is yet another layer of frustration for those who have lost their jobs and are trying to get by, needing those benefits.

Yolanda Frazier said she was shocked, when she got a letter stating she was overpaid unemployment benefits.

“It put me owing $2000 so that is what I have to pay back,” said Frazier. “It took two months to get that overpayment letter.”

She says this happened because she got a severance, but that severance came after she was already filing for unemployment. Frazier reported the severance to DETR, but the letter regarding overpayment came months later. 

“They said it was deductible income, so for five weeks I think it was I did not get any payments, they said I had to wait for an adjudicator,” Frazier said.

From fraud to severances, we have come across a number of scenarios as to why people are being told they were overpaid. 

Amber Hanson, who runs a popular unemployment assistance Facebook page, says this issue has come up a lot. She also noticed a pattern. 

“There have been a lot of people that mass disqualification and the commonality with them is that it has to do with some type of overpayment in another state or perhaps here,” Hanson said.

Hanson says she has talked to DETR about this and it is being looked into. She says it gets confusing because PUA is a federal program and regular unemployment is state. 

People’s future payments could be cut in half she says. 

“They could take up to 50% of the amount is owed or some type of payment arrangement, again because we are dealing with federal and state laws some of them intermingle with one another and some of them have strict obedience by regular unemployment compensation statutes,” Hanson said.

Frazier says she will pay back the $2000, but it will be taken out of her future payments. She said the process was confusing. 

“I wish there was more help,” Frazier said. “It seems like that Facebook that is where I was going to get answers to questions.”

In a recent interview with DETR officials, they explained they are trying to work on more guidance when it comes to overpayments. 

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